Wow, over a year and no update??! ME SO SORRY! ..Where was I.. well, I started working at Sony Santa Monica in May of 2011 and it's been pretty damn amazing so far, incredible studio it is.. Other than that I've just been focusing on spending as little time in front of the computer screen as possible outside of work; yoga, spinning, mountain biking, just.. yunno... MOVING! Art Center really makes you appreciate these types of things once she takes it away from you... bitch... I love you. I also have a couple personal endeavors that hopefully I will be able to share with you all sometime in the nearish future.
Now then, after DRIVE, Annis, Scott and I decided to do another book: BLAST! Contrary to Drive, we decided to split Blast into 3 chapters, one for each of us to do our thaaanng. And we think we've created a nice range of styles and designs between the 3 of us so GO BUY A COPY NOW!



Finally have time to post a "Drive" update! Last summer I helped finish a book with Scott Robertson and Annis Naeem. It's filled with crazy military, salvaged, aerospace and sport themed vehicles of all types. The book was almost done by the time I hopped on, but I managed to do a good amount of work on it and luckily convinced Scott to give me a sketch page! The rest is about as detailed as I've ever gone and it was a lot of learning and a lot of fun. The image before the sketches is an example of the Modo models Scott gave me to then paint-over, put in an environment, refine and add design details. One of the best summers of my life, and now I'm back working at DSP for the year. So if you haven't already, go get yourself a copy of DRIVE!



This is some work for an independent study I did with Mark Goerner recently. It's based on a kind of modern day mafia story I've been developing. The focus is environments, specifically interiors and exteriors of architecture. I definitely plan on continuing this project later. And the last image is not related to the story (from another class).


socal digital painting showcase

Here are some pieces for a showcase put together by Nick Pugh on digital painting held at the long beach aquarium starting this weekend. The gallery showcases work from Nick Pugh, Annis Naeem, Shaddy Safadi, Robh Ruppel and I. The theme of the paintings is how man and nature are successfully co-existing in the southern California coastal plane.